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Eye-to eye with roof angels at King’s Lynn, November & December 2014: Pt. 1

St Nicholas, Kings Lynn has the earliest dateable angel roof in East Anglia (ca. 1405-10). The church, which is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust, is currently undergoing a major restoration, and will reopen later in 2015.

At the end of last year I climbed the scaffolding to photograph the roof angels at St Nicholas.

A novel experience for me, because every one of my photographs until then had been taken from the ground. A challenging one too, since all my life, I’ve been scared of heights, or I thought I was. It turns out that climbing 40ft of scaffolding doesn’t bother me at all if the prize is glittering enough.

My huge thanks to the Churches Conservation Trust (especially Loyd Grossman, Crispin Truman and Isabel Assaly) for allowing me eye-level access to the roof angels at St Nicholas.

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