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"Look at this book and give thanks that these angelic hosts were beyond the reach of the destroyers. Here for the first time they are rightly celebrated as a precious legacy from late medieval England.” 

Sir Roy Strong, former Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum and of the National Gallery

"Outstanding. His magisterial survey focuses largely on the rich heritage to be found in Norfolk and Suffolk. The photography is superb and the text provides fascinating details of the history, construction and craftsmanship of these masterpieces.” 

D.P. Mortlock, author of The Guide to Suffolk Churches

"This is an exceptional book. While it has only 127 pages, every one of them counts, and many are tours de force… Not since Raphael and Arthur Brandon’s Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages (1849)… has such a study and catalogue been made… Michael Rimmer has pushed forward the frontier of study in this form of roof decoration, through careful, scholarly research, but not to the point of being dully exhaustive: the book is modest in size but outstanding in content."

Daniel Miles, partner in the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory, writing in Timber Framing, the Journal of the Timber Framers Guild

“This is a gem of a book. Centuries are peeled away and the artistry and craftwork of ancient churches is revealed. Take it with you, and visit!” 

Neil Thorogood, Principal, Westminster College, Cambridge

"This wonderful book documents one of the major survivals of Catholic England in meticulously researched text and the most sumptuous colour photographs. Michael Rimmer's exhaustive survey of the angel roofs of East Anglia and beyond will provide the essential companion to these treasures for years to come.”

Simon Knott, creator of The Churches of East Anglia websites;

"Packed with heavenly delights - I can't recommend it enough"

Lucy Stewart, The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings

"Captures perfectly the sheer beauty of this amazing feature of East Anglian churches. It will inspire a whole new generation to visit and enjoy this country’s historic churches.”

Crispin Truman, Chief Executive, The Churches Conservation Trust

“Michael Rimmer’s outstanding photographs reveal the visual quality of these works of art, in many cases for the first time. An accessible and stimulating introduction sets out major issues in the study, history and development of this largely neglected but fascinating subject.” 

T.A. Heslop, Professor of Visual Arts, University of East Anglia

“Michael Rimmer allows us to enter worlds that are otherwise remote. His text provides privileged access to the minds both of the medieval kings and carpenters who produced the roofs, and the early modern religious vandals who diminished them. But the greatest privilege is to see the roofs themselves through his camera lens.” 

John Onians, Professor Emeritus of World Art, University of East Anglia

“A wonderful book about a remarkable form of medieval English architecture.” 

David Leviatin, Editor, The Mortice and Tenon

"This pioneering study addresses all questions regarding the purpose, design and construction of these richly decorated roofs. The book will be appreciated by all whose work touches on the region's architecture and ecclesiastical history or on the conservation of churches and by those who wish to increase their knowledge of late-medieval art. Its true value, however, lies in the original and thorough survey work and scholarship contained within its pages. Angel Roofs will also make a splendid gift".

Context Magazine, November 2015

The TelegraphreviewChristopher Howse, October 2015

The Telegraph: The Angel Roofs of East Anglia by Michael Rimmer in pictures, September 2015

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