About the Website

I live in Norfolk and I am fascinated by the beauty and craftsmanship of angel roofs, and by why they are mainly found in East Anglia.

Distance and lighting make it hard to appreciate the detail of angel roofs with the naked eye, or even with binoculars. Were they as accessible and visible as, say, the Renaissance paintings in Italian churches, I think the best of them would be just as highly celebrated.

In 2010, I set out to make a photographic record of every angel roof in East Anglia. The website shows a small sample of my photographs. I have photographed many more angel roofs than those that are shown; I plan to add these soon.

If your church is on the website, and you would like photographs to use in booklets or postcards or anything which will help promote or preserve the building, get in touch via the Contact page and I'll be happy to supply some image files for you to use.

If your church has an angel roof but does not feature on the website, please let me know via the Contact page. I may just not have uploaded it yet, and perhaps I’ll have something of interest, or I may not know about it, because there isn't a definitive register of angel roof churches.

I am grateful to the churches in East Anglia that allow open access, and in particular to the kind keyholders who have let me into the ones that don't, at the cost of their own time and trouble. I would also like to thank Elizabeth Truss MP, and Steve Stockwell at the Houses of Parliament, for their help in enabling me to photograph the angel roof at Westminster Hall.

Michael Rimmer, June 2014

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